10 to-dos to prepare a spontaneous trip in one hour

No time? Don’t panic!

How to prepare for a trip in one hour. 

written by Rafael Molina Harno

You’ve decided to give spontaneous travel a try.. You’ve logged on to Let’s Yalla, you’ve picked your ideal destination.. You’re ready to go.. All you need to do now is pack!
Check out our checklist of how to prepare for your flight in less than an hour!

  1.  Grab the bureaucratic essentials: Make sure you have your passport easily accessible. If you can, check in online, save/ print your boarding pass and save time at the airport. If you need a ticket to get to the airport itself, why not book it now? Save money and time.
    Don’t leave your wallet behind! If you can, why not convert some money before you go? Save on the extortionate airport Bureau de Change commission fees!

    Confirm your flight time, and when you’ll have to leave for the airport!
  1.  Don’t forget your gadgets: Make sure you have all your favorite devices at the ready, and of course their respective chargers. Don’t forget to check out this map to make sure you have the right adapters. Check that your iPod is fully charged and ready to travel, what would you do without music?
    Don’t like to live on the edge of 1%? Invest in a portable battery charger and stay connected!


  1.  Get your hand luggage ready: Do you need a coat or a light summer jacket? Check out the weather where you’re going first! Sunscreen and sunglasses? Hats and gloves? Umbrella and raincoat?
    Calculate how many days you’ll be there and pack accordingly.

    Don’t forget to pack light though, no spontaneity in lugging a heavy suitcase around and most importantly, pack for comfort!
    Have your liquids set aside in a Ziploc bag, don’t be delayed by security!
  1. Pack a snack: No one wants to be hungry when they first arrive somewhere, bring a snack and don’t waste your money on duty free! Bring an empty bottle of water to fill up once you’re past security!
  1. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Languages are essential when travelling and discovering a new culture, aspire to be multilingual! Learn some key communicative phrases before you leave. Find the basics here.
  1. Prepare for your arrival: Know how to travel from the airport? Know where you’re staying? Know the check-in time? Have a back up in mind? Have all this information written down and easily accessible. You don’t want to be relying on free WiFi!


  1. Pen and pad: It can be difficult to communicate and understand someone in a foreign language, let alone remember the directions they just gave you. Bring a pen and pad; it always helps to have something written down!
  1. Bring a book: Whether it’s to bide your time as you wait to board, or to stop the person in the seat next to you speaking to you the whole flight, a book always comes in handy.
  1. Toiletries: don’t be left touring around Europe without your floss! Pack your dental essentials, moisturizer, eye care products (glasses, lens solution, contact cases, extra contacts), hair products and makeup!
    Be prepared!
  1. Get ready to be spontaneous: Plan as much as you want before your trip, but don’t forget to be spontaneous and curious when you get there! And as long as you’ve crossed off everything on this checklist, you have nothing to worry about!



That’s it. Now you’re ready to take on a spontaneous trip. Enjoy!
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