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What is Let’s Yalla?

Let’s Yalla is an App that finally enables you to fly away tomorrow!
Let’s face it, last minute prices are terribly expensive, that’s why we made sure to get you amazing last-minute rates on our app – and it’s incredibly easy to book as well.  We believe that being spontaneous and flexible are important in today’s world, that’s why there is no reason to compare last-minute flights anymore as we took care of everything for you.  A quick view in the app reveals a list of direct flights (return included), available from your specified airport, and sorted by destination—along with a predefined outbound and return date. These are all fixed deals, meaning you can just fly away tomorrow.

Can’t I find cheaper price with the low-costs airlines?

There is a big misconception about flight fares, so let’s make it clear. Go to ANY flight search engine website (YES.. right now. Open a new tab..) and look for similar flights as you see on our app, as we believe in flexibility, play with the hours, days and also look for non-direct flight (remember we have only DIRECT flights) and you will see the difference yourself. That would be the best way to be convinced.

Where do you get your flights from?

We are working closely with our partners which give us access to unsold tickets on the day before departure. Every day we are in contact with them to create unique daily offers. This is the ultimate travel idea: a final sale for flights!

Why can I only fly tomorrow?

This is the reason: Only on the day before the departure our partners know about their final empty seats. Now here’s your chance! Grab your backpack and get really cheap flight deals.

Sounds good! When can I book?

Every evening at around 8pm we publish the new flight deals for the next day.  This leaves you with less than 24 hours until departure – enough time to grab your toothbrush and leave towards the airport!

During the afternoon there’s a short period without visible flights. The app is offline for a few hours while we are preparing new flights for you.

Where can I fly to?

We believe in surprising you EVERY DAY, but to be honest this actually depends on how full the planes are. We do select the flights to pass our quality control of destination, price and duration. In one word: We don’t offer what we wouldn’t book ourselves. 

Tip of the day: We are trying to select more flights that you showed interest in. So the next time you’re on the app, click on the flights that are interested for you and we will try our best to make sure these flights (destination and duration) will appear again!

How is the booking working?

Simply watch our video HERE or you can keep reading.

After opening the app and choosing your departure airport you’ll get a list of possible destinations. Choose your favorite one, insert your personal data, choose extra services (in case you want to) and confirm the booking. That’s it!
We will make sure everything is correct and provide a confirmation mail. 

And then? Grab your passport and leave!

Do you offer one-way flights or round trips?

At the moment we only offer round trips as we don’t want to abandon you in a foreign country with no way to return to mama and papa.

What about my luggage?

Packing a big suitcase for 3 days? This is so 90’s! Get used to pack light and travel with a hand luggage only. But if you can’t do that – for sure you can additionally book a luggage (for extra charge).

Tip of the day: If you travel with friends and a hand luggage is not enough, think about sharing one extra luggage and save more money – sharing is caring.

How do I pay?

We are using a secured payment service of WirecardThe Wirecard Checkout Page is in accordance with the PCI DSS security standard of the PCI Standard Council. Via an intuitive user interface, customers can select their chosen payment method to pay online or directly in the shop on their mobile. They instantly receive a confirmation, enabling immediate processing of the order. Without exception, all payments are verified online in real time.

Do I have an insurance?

During the booking process you’ll find yourself able to choose insurance packages of our partner Allianz Global Assistance Take your time, go through the packages and think about if you want to book one of them. 

I’m really flying tomorrow! Where can I stay?

Right now we have so many possibilities to find a hotel, hostel or room on short term. We are recommending hostelworld, so after finishing the booking process you’ll find a button within the app redirecting you there. Other possibilities are AirBNB, HotelTonight, Couchsurfing or just family and friends! 

So what’s next?

Talk to your friends or family abroad, check out when there are cool festivals, ask your boss for a few spontaneous days off -> download the app HERE and embrace the freedom of traveling!

Thanks for all the information! But I do have one more question.

You’re always welcome! Send an email to and I’ll answer in a personal email! 

This is Let’s Yalla – Fly tomorrow. 

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