Ahmed’s spontaneous trip to Brussels

“I love the thrill of traveling spontaneously”
Ahmed’s spontaneous trip to Brussels

Hi Ahmed! After you just came back from your trip, we’re curious to hear about how it was! But first of all: Who are you and where do you come from? Are you a frequent traveler?
– I am Ahmed Yousif, 27, living in Stuttgart. In my normal days, I am a software engineer who loves electronics and coding and in my free time I am – as called by my friends – a “travel freak”.

Sounds like you do indeed travel a lot! Where did you fly to with Let’s Yalla and how long have you been there?
 – I booked the flight to Brussels, Belgium for two nights with two of my friends.


What did you do during your stay?
– We planned very fast. First day we arrived, we took a tour around our hotel and went for a party ;) , which was really central and planned for the next day. Next day we have visited the main interesting attractions in Brussels including Atomium.

Booking a flight with Let’s Yalla means being super spontaneous. How was it to book so short in advance – any problems with finding a place to stay or things to do?
– I am used to book spontaneously and I love the thrill. A place to stay is always hard but it is manageable.


What do you think about the app and the booking process itself? Did everything work?
– Easy interface and a fast app. Perfect experience

Wow, to hear this from a software engineer makes us even more proud! Now, many of our users say that they want to fly tomorrow as well! Any tips for spontaneous trips or anything they should know?’
– No need for many clothes. Being light is the best.

I agree. Last question: Where will you travel to next? Would you book again with Let’s Yalla?
– I will definitely book with the app. I am planning to travel to either Greece, Croatia or Spain.

Ahmed, we’re happy you guys had such a good time in Brussels!  Thanks a lot for your answers and your support.
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